With over 30 years experience in the pest control industry, Trojan Pest Control realizes the importance of dependability, professionalism, and innovation when it comes to commercial pest control. We understand the costly repercussions it can have on your business, should your pest control service not be performed to your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on quick and efficient commercial pest control, so you can get back to business!

Retail & Shopping Malls

Retailers have high standards when it comes to pest management; more importantly, so do the customers and employees who depend on you. That means providing a pest–free environment for your products and services.

Grocery Stores

Pests are hazardous to the success of every business, especially grocery stores and food markets. Their presence can negatively affect your customer’s confidence, contaminate stock, and create sanitation issues.

Food Processing Facilities

Isotech realizes pests in a food processing plant are not an option. They not only pose a serious public health risk by being vectors of disease, but their mere presence can also be detrimental to your business and can cause irreversible damage to your reputation.

Healthcare Facilities

Pest management programs in healthcare facilities require a chemical-free approach and highly trained technicians due to the highly sensitive and critical environment.

Hotels & Resorts

In the hospitality industry, one infestation or pest sighting may steer guests away for good, no matter how prestigious your property. Isotech is your partner in achieving the high standards you demand.

Multi-Unit Housing

Inadequate pest management programs can quickly lead to serious consequences in multi-unit complexes. Unnoticed, pest activity can lead to structural damage and multiple unit infestations.

Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and bars face an attack from pests not experienced by the average business on a daily basis. The presence of pests in or around any food service establishment is not an option.

Schools & Universities

By statistically tracking treatments at each school and implementing a proactive program, we will accomplish your goal to have a proactive IPM program protecting your schools and students.

Warehouses & Distribution

Commercial storage warehouses and distribution centers present distinctive challenges for business owners due to the wide variety of insects, animals, and birds that can infest each facility.

Museums & Antique Stores

Museum collections are vulnerable to destruction from pests such as insects, rodents, birds, and mold. This type of deterioration to collections is not always addressed because the damage is often gradual, but can have devastating effects.

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